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Your outdoor space is an extension to your home and should meet your needs, at MUSA Landscape Architecture I tailor each and every design commission to you, the client to create bespoke designs that compliment your lifestyle.  A lot of my inspiration will come from you as well as your site and my understanding of how you want to use the space. MUSA Landscape Architecture will help you achieve your dream landscape through contemporary but classic design with sustainable principles at the core of each design.


I offer Landscape Design services for a wide variety of projects including residential and balcony landscape designs to larger scale commercial landscape design, development applications and have specialist skills in playground design.


Below is a brief explanation of the different design and project stages.

Sydney Landscape Design
Landscape Designer Northern Beaches


Prior to putting pen to paper the first stage in the design process is the design consultation. This consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and is an opportunity for me to see the site, meet yourself and hear how you want to use the space, we will discuss design ideas and concepts during this time. Following this consultation I will issue you with a fee proposal for your consideration. The fee for the design consultation will be deducted from the design commission.


Following appointment of MUSA Landscape Architecture I will begin the concept design, this is a coloured plan to scale showing the design with suggestions for materials and planting.  At this stage I can also create a 3D image or sketch of the garden allowing you to envisage the space.   If required the concept design can easily be adapted into a Landscape Plan as part of a development application.

Landscape Architect Northern Beaches
Landscape Architect Northern Beaches


Following the approval of the concept design I will proceed to a detailed design, this will include a planting plan with a full schedule of plant species including quantities. A set out plan with dimensions that shows the location of landscape elements such as paving, step stones, decked areas, lawns etc. This stage will also include a full set of details for construction allowing contractors to quote for the construction of your space. 


At MUSA Landscape Architecture I have established relationships with trusted, competent and licensed contractors.  I can help you get the right contractor for your job and be on hand during the construction phase should any issues arise.  

Landscape Architect Northern Beaches



At MUSA Landscape Architecture I understand that cost is an important factor when commissioning a landscape Architect for your space, typically a concept design for a medium sized garden will cost between $1500 - $2500, a small courtyard will cost less and a very large garden will cost more. I tailor each commission to your requirements and budget. The resulting fee will depend on a number of factors such as size of space and your aspirations as these will determine the time spent on your project.


Commissioning a Landscape Architect to design your space can mean you avoid costly mistakes in the long run and you will get a fully considered design meeting your own requirements and aspirations.

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